ACEH and CIRCLE Research

The Aboriginal Coalition to End Homlessness is pleased to collaborate with CIRCLE, an Indigenous specific research group at the University of Victoria.  CIRCLE and the ACEH are undertaking participatory research to identify cultural supports that exist and work in supporting Aboriginal individuals experiencing homelessness transition to housing and move forward on their path to wellness. Preventing and ending homelessness involves more than just providing individuals with a home, it includes a holistic sense of wellness with cultural and community connections at its foundation.

The research will also identify gaps in terms of cultural supports and the findings will be shared with service providers in hopes to improve their capacity to meet the needs of Aboriginal individuals experiencing homelessness.  Our goal is to provide evidence to community/service providers of the necessary cultural supports which reduce homelessness for Aboriginal persons.

Building upon the research, will be the development of “Life Plans” with a cohort of 20 Aboriginal individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness.  The “Life Plans” will be created by participants with support of ACEH staff and establish individualized goals and strategies as determined by participants.

The ACEH gratefully acknowledges the Victoria Foundation for funding this research project.