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Please note: To run for a director position with the ACEH member must be in good standing 30 days prior to the AGM.  Our first AGM will take place on October 6, 2016.

Membership application forms will also be available at the AGM (location, TBD).

Victoria Aboriginal Street Community: Vision for our Future

At a Sharing Circle on April 5, 2016, Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi facilitated a discussion with 30 Aboriginal people from the Victoria Street Community.  They were invited to attend to learn Publication1the results of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Project Survey (HPS) and to give input into a Vision for Our Future.

The participants were asked where they want to be within three years, what barriers they might face, and what would help them on their journey forward.

Finding our Path Report 2010

Specific, meaningful and culturally appropriate initiatives are needed to deal with housing and supporting Aboriginal individuals, families and communities. This report sets out the beginnings of an Aboriginal strategy to address issues of housing and homelessness in the Capital Regional District.

Finding our Path

The Finding-Our-Path report emerged from a forum that engaged key members of the Aboriginal community and others in sharing knowledge and strategies to address the housing needs of Aboriginal peoples in the Capital Regional District. Co-sponsored by the Coalition to End Homelessness and the University of Victoria, Faculty of Human and Social Development, the forum particularly sought to respond to the urgent issues of homelessness and under-housing among Aboriginal peoples.


ACEH – Year One Priorities

The ACEH is pleased to share with stakeholders our Year One Priorities.  The information summarizes our key focus areas and initiatives within each area.

An Aboriginal Strategy

Four Posts of the Big House

In the Finding Our Path (2010) report the image of a Coast Salish Big House provides the framework for the Aboriginal Housing Strategy. Big Houses have four corner posts, each providing a different perspective and support to the House.

For the Aboriginal Strategy, each post represents one component or strategic initiative needed. All four posts are equal in urgency and importance and together provide the structure for Aboriginal housing in our community.

The vision for the strategy that was developed at the forum is at the centre of the House, providing the warmth, the fire that unites us in this work.

big house illustration

Victoria Foundation – Pulse, Summer 2016 – ACEH Grant Spotlight

The Aboriginal Coalition to End Homeless (ACEH) was featured in the Victoria Foundation’s Pulse, Summer 2016 issues.  The ACEH is an initiative supported by a $100,00 grant from the Victoria Foundation with the aim of providing culturally relevant solutions to homelessness among the region’s Aboriginal population.  For more information please see the ACEH feature in the Grant Spotlight on page 12-13.

Vital Signs