Indigenous Women's Circle 

Indigenous women, finding housing and being housed often comes with its own set of barriers – and the Indigenous Women's Circle (IWC) is designed with this in mind. The IWC offers a safe space where participants can learn new skills and are involved in activities that assist these women to plan for the future, maintain healthy relationships, cope with stressful situations, and empower them to feel confident and independent. Previous IWC gatherings included themes of cultural learning, healing, traditional medicines and other forms of wellness, self-care, traditional arts, education, and job search skills. Activities included sewing, cedar bark weaving, spear fishing, and other cultural rooted activities.


One of the main objectives of the ACEH is to respond to the expressed desires of the Aboriginal Street Community. In 2016 the ACEH held a series of focus groups to create the Vision for Our Future report which identified barriers faced by the Aboriginal Street Community. IWC participants identified shelter diets as a barrier experienced and expressed a desire to be able to cook and sit together. For example, one woman stated that she would love to peel potatoes and carrots. Therefore we created a cooking project that directly impacts the important work of the IWC program, preparing these women with a life-skill, and the freedom to create food and participate in a cultural activity vital to the Indigenous culture.

The IWC meets four times a month and is facilitated by Angela Hamilton.

 Twice monthly the IWC participates in life-skills workshops to help them gain employment, independence, and permanent housing. Cooking classes are also offered twice monthly as a way to not only teach cooking skills, but bring the women together, check-in with them, and provide support for their life-plans, and health and wellness plans in a welcoming, comfortable, and productive setting where they can feel a sense of accomplishment.

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